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  • Display the Filters

    Hi All, Can we display the selected filters in our dashboard without using scripting. If so please let me know. Its the requirement from client. Thanks Akrati
    Posted to Forum by Akrati on Mon, Feb 4 2013
  • Control data limited through Markings

    Hello All, I am trying to control the behavior of limited the data using markings. The scenario is I have 3 pages each with its own filtering schemes. The first 2 pages would have some data (considering i have a table visualization in both the pages) and the 3rd page would be common page that should...
    Posted to Forum by hariharaprabhu on Mon, Feb 4 2013
  • Is It Possible to Change the Font Size of a Filter Used in a Text Area?

    I'm using filter controls in a text area to drive a template. However, in order to make them legible enough to use when projected on a big screen in a conference room, the font size needs to be bigger. When I try the "Format Control" command in the text area, the options to adjust the font...
    Posted to Forum by Mark Schmitt on Thu, Jan 24 2013
  • Reset buttons for filter boxes

    Hi! I've got a visualization using drop down boxes as filters. I understand how to reset filters overall, but not for drop down boxes, can someone help? Many Also, is there a way to include 'all' values in drop down box. I see that you can add 'none', but don't knwo how to add...
    Posted to Forum by wgreene on Thu, Dec 27 2012
  • Basic - can Filters and Details on Demand be moved to left side of page

    Version 4.0.2 Thanks in advance.
    Posted to Forum by JudyE on Wed, Dec 26 2012
  • Is there a filter type that just allows single selection

    Hi, I want to create a filter that just allows single selection. So I changed the filter type to radio type. Butthe '(All)' and '(none)' are always there. Is there any way that I can remove the 2 items? Or is there any solution that i can create a filter that only allows single selection...
    Posted to Forum by windy0704 on Thu, Dec 6 2012
  • Rolling Date Filter

    Hi! I'm using Spotfire 3.2.2 desktop, I have a 'Created Date' column in my database, and a Created By filter on the my page. I want the filter on my page to update automatically, and only records created in the last 3 months to display. I don't want the user to have to change this every...
    Posted to Forum by robsroom on Thu, Dec 6 2012
  • Execution of Script Upon Filter Change

    I am trying to create a script that would dynamically change the Titles of the visualizations, upon a filter scheme change. For example, when the radio filter "Country" is selected as "USA", the script should pick up that the desired Country filter is now "USA", and then...
    Posted to Forum by eoghan on Sat, Dec 1 2012
  • How to make Spotfire Webplayer reset filter on filter panel to default state

    Hi, I have some checkbox filtering in my filter panel, by default only the first item is selected. When users reset all filters in the Spotfire WebPlayer, they get all checkboxes selected (instead of selecting the default one). Is there any way to reset filters to their default state? I'm using Spotfire...
    Posted to Forum by Rabindranath on Wed, Nov 21 2012
  • Re: Show Rows which contain an Empty Column/Cell

    I have figured out how to do this. Alternative methods are welcome! 1) Create a new filter 2) Add all of the columns that you want to apply the filter to 3) In the "Expression" box, you can use Is NULL so you are only showing those records which have a null value in one of the columns, while...
    Posted to Forum by Emma on Thu, Nov 1 2012
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