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  • Re: Multiple Charts

    Hi posthedge, Is a strip plot what you're looking for? value <- append( x , y ) group <- c( rep("x",length(x)) , rep("y",length(y)) ) stripplot(group ~ value,jitter=T) If you have a large number of points, I recommend using a boxplot: bwplot(group ~ value) Ian
    Posted to Forum by icook on Wed, Mar 16 2011
  • java.graph fonts

    Hi, I've recently moved some graphing code from TSSS 3.1 running on Windows to TSSS 3.1 running on Linux, which has caused the font in the generated PNGs to change. A very simple example demonstrating the issue is this code: java.graph(width=800,height=600, file="foo.png") text(.5,.5,c...
    Posted to Forum by themel on Tue, Mar 8 2011
  • Re: Horizontal Barcharts (mirrored)

    Hi Mike, I'm checking with Support, but I wanted to find out a little more about your use case. Do you want the mirrored bar charts to share the same X axis, or to appear in different panels with their own axes? FWIW, TIBCO Spotfire Clinical Graphics (TSCG) has a mirrored bar chart as a built-in...
    Posted to Forum by Dan White on Mon, Sep 20 2010
  • Clipping to the device region

    The xpd arguement allows for clipping to occur at the plot region (FALSE) or the figure region (TRUE). In R, a xpd value of NA clips at the device region--is there something similar to this for S+?
    Posted to Forum by Matt Austin on Mon, Jul 19 2010
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