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  • Information Link Lineage

    I'm developing approximately 20 information links that will be used to create several dashboards. On average, 2 or 3 will be used per dashboard. Is there a way to track which dashboards my links are being used in so that I can understand (and prepare for) the effects of any changes that I make to...
    Posted to Forum by JPB on Wed, Aug 15 2012
  • Tibco ADS to SAP BEx queries.

    Hi I just need your suggestion on this scenario. Below is the SQL formed under views in (Composite studio) which connects to SAP BEx queries SELECT col1, col2 FROM <Table Name> " ( Table Name is <BEx querie name> which selected under queries section of the selected Info Providers) "...
    Posted to Forum by sivaspotfire on Fri, May 25 2012
  • Input text field and Informatino Links

    Is it possible to use take input from a Text Input Field and use it in the WHERE clause of an information link? I want to have the user enter text to filter to specific rows in the on-demand table. So the their input would be passed to the Information Link and it would return the subset of data that...
    Posted to Forum by mmlacy on Sun, Jan 29 2012
  • Pass web player parameter to thick client

    I've got a web player analysis running off a parameterized information link, which I use the JavaScript API for. This works well, apart from one issue: If the user clicks on the "Open for further analysis in TIBCO Spotfire" button in the web player, once Spotfire Professional loads the...
    Posted to Forum by jenp on Fri, Oct 14 2011
  • How to update dashboard when information links moved?

    When I move information links from one folder to another (mostly for version control purposes), the old connected dashboard stops working, as it cannot source the old information link. I can create a new table linked to the new informatio links. However, some of the existing features in the dashboard...
    Posted to Forum by lyssa on Mon, Aug 1 2011
  • Long response time for Infolink Datasource

    Hi, I am using for our infolinkd big Oracle database. Every opening of an existing datasource cost me 20min, so I have to wait 20 minutes before I can create any new infolink :( Has anybody an idea how to make this time shorter? Thx, Tivadar
    Posted to Forum by tivadar on Thu, Jul 21 2011
  • Re: Add on deman data error ???

    hi nitiz i tried doing what you said But when I select "Define Input" parameters i am not able to see the OK tab in that dialouge. Can u please tell me what the problem might be... thanks Sai
    Posted to Forum by saikrishna595 on Thu, Jun 23 2011
  • Query Procedure/Information Link/On Demand Data Table

    I have created an Information link from a Query Procedure and I am using it as an "On Demand Data Table" which is filtered based on the Marking from another visualization. The issue that I am having is that the Query Procedure Information Link will only return data from a single marked item...
    Posted to Forum by ktorbert on Wed, Sep 29 2010
  • Principal Library Administrator

    Hi All, Long time viewer first time poster here. One of my client tried to run a link, and it returns the following error: InformationModelException at Spotfire.Dxp.Data: An Internal Error has occurred. Principal Library Administrator failed to get content for id ae5f03da-1dd4-40b0-a775-f6d6728623c2...
    Posted to Forum by crazyjoe23 on Thu, Aug 19 2010
  • Re: How to Pass Parameter to IL Calling Stored Procedure using Automation Services

    Hi Greg, Thanks for the reply. I'm using a Configuration Block in the "Open Analysis from Library" task, and it's working great for my standard Information Links. However when I do a "Replace Table" task referencing a stored procedure Information Link, the parameter is not...
    Posted to Forum by Maria.Brown on Fri, May 21 2010
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