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  • Need to Split a single column to muliple.

    I have all the below information in a single column 2011/07/02 13:39:06 : Automatic: Passed : PRO 2011/07/02 12:34:31 : Automatic: Passed : PRO 2011/07/02 11:36:55 : Automatic: Passed : PRO 2011/07/02 11:00:58 : Automatic: Passed : PRO 2011/06/28 06:12:44 : Manual : InProgess And, I want to split each...
    Posted to Forum by Yogee on Mon, Jun 24 2013
  • within 10 day difference

    I have 3 columns. These are for 5 stores. The first column is day, 2nd is Sale of TVs and 3rd is sale of DVD players. What I am trying to do is I want some sort of a formula which would flag for me if ANY of the DVD sales data was within 10 days or less of any of the TV sales data. Can someone help...
    Posted to Forum by auc2infinity on Fri, Dec 7 2012
  • Three joined tables: Sum over one of them in a TreeMap

    I've got three relating tables that are now joined into one big view and then imported into Spotfire The original three tables are: - Project - MilitaryUnit - Task Where one ore more Projects deliver things to one or more MilitaryUnits and where one or more MilitaryUnits carry out one or more Tasks...
    Posted to Forum by paalb on Thu, Nov 22 2012
  • Re: Can you use custom expressions to color the markers in a scatter plot by quadrant?

    Thank you, but there is only one column that can be selected in the color by dialogue box that allows for gradient or segment coloring. If more than one column is selected to color by, a custom expression isn't available. You've hit upon the problem we're trying to overcome: To achieve coloring...
    Posted to Forum by rlingard on Thu, Nov 15 2012
  • Lookup type function in Spotfire

    Hi Guys, To explain my requirement, let me create a small dataset. Date of purchase Product 23/12/2001 A 4/1/2003 A 15/3/2006 A 16/4/2007 B 17/2/2008 A 13/5/2008...
    Posted to Forum by Saikiran on Thu, Nov 15 2012
  • Can you use custom expressions to color the markers in a scatter plot by quadrant?

    Can you use custom expressions to color the markers in a scatter plot by quadrant? That is, if >= avg axis x and >= avg axis y, 1, if >=avg axis x and < avg axis y, 2, if < avg axis x and < avg axis y, 3, if < avg axis x and >= avg axis y, 4 Color 1 Green, 2 red, 3 yellow, 4 blue...
    Posted to Forum by rlingard on Mon, Nov 12 2012
  • Re: Year over Year Calculated Column

    Hi Bsill, probably you already found it out or solved it with a workaround, but it can be useful for new visitors like me. I faced with this issue as well. It can be solved with other over function, but it's really slow at large data sets. To use parallel period in calculated column, a hierarchy...
    Posted to Forum by Tamas Gaspar on Sat, Nov 10 2012
  • Cumulative Year to Year Pct Change by Month

    I think I've tried every combination of OVER functions, but just can't make this work. I need to plot a cumulative year to year percent change by month in a graph. My data is set up with columns for Date and Incident Number as well as other columns that will be used for filtering, so the formula...
    Posted to Forum by scolacr on Wed, Nov 7 2012
  • How to do a comparison against the average using a line chart

    I had a question regarding how to create a specific graph in Spotfire if I have the following data set or something similar: Year Agency Score 2009 x 8 2010 x 7 2011 x 9 2012 x 7 2009 y 6 2010 y 8 2011 y 9 2012 y 9 2009 z 7 2010 z 8 2011 z 8 2012 z 9 I want to create a Line Chart that has two lines that...
    Posted to Forum by Manik on Mon, Nov 5 2012
  • Over statement find difference from starting point

    I have multiple leases that I am looking at and trying to find a pressure change from a starting point in the hierachy (it is not the first entry). I have marked this as a y in "Start?" for each well. I would take that number minus each subsequent entry in that hierachy. If it is the y it would...
    Posted to Forum by ande0607 on Thu, Nov 1 2012
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