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  • SpotFire 3.3 Server Instalation Problem

    Hello! I have a problem with the installation of Spotfire 3.3 Server. The problem is this: With a common browser only displays a blank page without content. In the logs nothing appears, or errors or connections, as if request was not made. If I go with a text-mode browser, I can see an error: "Error...
    Posted to Forum by Estanislao Martin Irigoyen on Mon, Jun 27 2011
  • "An Internal Error has occured." when I tried to add my first nod in the sportfire server cluster

    Hello I always get this error message "An Internal Error has occured." when I'm triying to connect a node in the cluster . I'm using the new spotfire version 3.3. with oracle. Before I made this installation I have clear my DB, erased my spotfire 3.2 and start a new installation. Does...
    Posted to Forum by guycardinal on Thu, May 19 2011
  • Web Player 3.x on Linux Server

    Hi, I am new to Spot Fire and I was tasked to install and configure Spot fire server and Web player server. We are a Linux shop and I have checked the install documentation for Spot Fire server and Web player but I only see that I can install Spot Fire server on Linux platform but not the Web Player...
    Posted to Forum by underdog1 on Wed, Dec 1 2010
  • SAS Library as Spotfire data source

    Hi All, Is it possible to use SAS library as spotfire data source? I'd like to create information links based on SAS libraries. Any tips on this is highly appreciated. Neet
    Posted to Forum by Neet on Mon, Oct 25 2010
  • Unable to log into Management Console

    After reboot the server today, I am no longer able to log into the Management Console using the same account that I was able to do so prior to the reboot. Basically I want to start up the SP server from Management Console. Is there anything that I am missing? Can I possibly start the server without logging...
    Posted to Forum by vtran on Sat, Aug 14 2010
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