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  • Export images works in a wrong way

    I am developing a custom task for tibco spotfire. I need to export images from dxp programmatically. When image is too wide and has scroll I can get only visual bounds, instead of full image bounds. I am using Rectangle visualBounds = page.GetVisualBounds(visual); Then I tried to export image to pdf...
    Posted to Forum by Alex on Mon, Feb 18 2013
  • Turn off grey borders on visualizations

    Every visualization has a light grey border around it. This is the border that becomes black when you select the visualization. I would like to hide this border and/or make it white instead of grey so that it does not appear on the screen (I would like a 'smooth' design rather than fragmented...
    Posted to Forum by cmamrosh on Fri, Jan 4 2013
  • Exporting all the visualization as image through IronPython

    Hello All, I have written a IronPython script to export all the visualization as image and save them in local drive. Here is the script... from System.Drawing import Bitmap, Graphics, Rectangle, Point from Spotfire.Dxp.Application.Visuals import VisualContent width = 600 height = 600 outterCount = 0...
    Posted to Forum by abhash786 on Thu, Dec 13 2012
  • Re: Export visualization image from web player

    Open the .dxp file in Web player and Right click.From there you can directly export Visualization as Image. Regards Manoj Singh
    Posted to Forum by manoj_lanser on Thu, Dec 13 2012
  • Set width of visualization/text area?

    I'm curious if there is a way to explicitly set a visualization width. For example, I want a text area to be 200px wide, and for the bar chart next to it to expand to the user's screen.
    Posted to Forum by sspears on Fri, Nov 16 2012
  • Visualisation Assistance

    Hi there, I have a data set of over 2.5m transactional rows of spend, all of which aggregate into various family grouping (There are 50 columns to each transaction). I would like to be able to display a graphic which shows the Top Ten aggregated transactions but do seem to be able to do this. I can sort...
    Posted to Forum by ahireson on Mon, Sep 24 2012
  • overlaying visualizations

    Hello, I have several data curves which are trellised in a visualization, based on the sample name. One of these samples is the "Control" which is used to compare against all the other samples. I am limiting the visualization based on what is selected in another table (through relations). Is...
    Posted to Forum by Kartik on Sat, Sep 8 2012
  • View all records after choosing a particular column in a detail visulazation

    Hi All, I have huge bunch of data for animals, I have created a visulization (by name of animal) and then a child detail visulization ( zoo that animal is) then a grand child (medicines used) and so on for 3-4 levels. finally I end up filtering my records I need. From those records I choose a particular...
    Posted to Forum by dave maheshwari on Tue, Aug 14 2012
  • Changing visualization 'Color by' via property control

    Hello, I was wondering if it is possible to allow users to change the 'Color by' of a visualization using property controls (similar to how they can change X and Y axes of a viz). Is it possible or is a script required? Thanks in advance!
    Posted to Forum by orosado323 on Mon, Jul 9 2012
  • manually edit/input data in data table - any way to do this?

    Hello, I have an analysis file that pulls data from a database. Some of the necessary data is not in the database and i would like the user to be able to just add this data manually. is there a way to input data directly into a data table in spotfire? Thanks a lot,
    Posted to Forum by orosado323 on Thu, Jun 21 2012
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