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  • Re: Axis selector won't show on web player

    Hi Windy, I have made a line chart with multiple axis with Sum(Revenue) on the left and Sum(Quantity) on the right side.It works fine for me when i am looking it on web-player. Both the labels are visible.I am using Spotfire 4.5 Version.I have attached the Image taken from web-player also. ...
    Posted to Forum by manoj_lanser on Thu, Nov 29 2012
  • Can someone assist - new to Spotfire and looking to create an "average min" expression

    Any help would be greatly appreciated... I have a dataset of people. Each person has different activities they may engage in and amount of calories they may burn. In a HIGHLY simplified state, it essentially looks something like this: Participant Time Calories Burned Activity John 12pm 141 Running John...
    Posted to Forum by blevine on Tue, Apr 3 2012
  • Making Greater use of Lines and Curves

    Hi, I'd like to be able to make more use of lines and curves in my bar charts. I.e. to customise my regression equations to better suit the data. whats the best way of doing this? I have noticed that the use of functions is quite restrictive in the lines/curves window. Does that mean that the only...
    Posted to Forum by DataDancer on Wed, Feb 29 2012
  • Line Chart with aggregates on X and Y axes

    I have data in the below sample format , Pattern Date Oil Steam P1 02/28/2010 500 800 P1 03/31/2010 600 850 P2 02/28/2010 300 500 P2 03/31/2010 400 670 P3 02/28/2010 500 400 P3 03/31/2010 200 200 I have a filter on the first column and i select P1 and P2. Now in my line chart I want to plot an Sum of...
    Posted to Forum by SMR on Sun, Jun 19 2011
  • Need to Ignore Null Values

    Hi, I am relatively new to Tibco Spotfire, i am looking for a solution to a problem that am encountering. I am using a data table for instance that has 2 types of data, Open and Closed. Now i created a case statement to only give me ID for the Open items and then my Y-axis is to count the items. On my...
    Posted to Forum by Madelman on Thu, Apr 7 2011
  • custom expressions

    Hi, I have a property control that allows the user to select Gross or Net; where in the expression Gross = 1 and Net = 2, (Using in a second graph). What I would like to do is allow the user to select Net or Gross and then on a graph show the budget and actual on a combo chart, budget as a line and actual...
    Posted to Forum by mjd on Wed, Mar 16 2011
  • Detailed Visualization in New Window

    Hi! I would like to make it so a user can select a column on a graph that I have, and then hit a button to see a detailed visualization in another window, preferably so that the user can then close the window when done looking. Is there a way to do this? Thanks, Michael
    Posted to Forum by mjd on Sat, Feb 26 2011
  • Auto-bin column on a BarChart

    Is there a property to set the Auto-bin flag from the API? I've been through every thing I could think of and can't seem to locate it. Thanks, Todd
    Posted to Forum by toddcarlson on Wed, Feb 23 2011
  • labels not displaying correctly

    I'm about to pull my hair out and can't find the answer to something which I'm sure I'm not looking at correctly. I'm newer to Spotfire, used to doing visualization in Excel and am trying to find some of the same functions. I have linked data to a spreadsheet, all of my currency and...
    Posted to Forum by leujnej719 on Mon, Feb 14 2011
  • multi select property controls

    Hi! I have a data set that has a range of dates from 1998 to 2010. I have created a property control for the user to select date(s) that they would like to see (on a graph). My problem is 'grabbing' what date(s) the user wants and then filtering the data using those dates. I can get it to work...
    Posted to Forum by mjd on Wed, Jan 12 2011
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