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  • R script just keeps Executing.

    Hi, I have followed the following steps ti install R and configure with TSSS. 1. Install R (ie. 2.12.2) in the same bit version as TSSS - if you use 64 bit - install both 32 and 64 bit R. 2. Open R as administrator (right click) in the same bit version as TSSS and run command: install.packages('rJava'...
    Posted to Forum by rohan on Wed, May 23 2012
  • Problems using predict.glm

    Hi, I am trying to use the "predict" function, passing a fitted glm object. This glm object I have fitted using a "step" function using numeric and factor explanatory variables. The factor variables may have multiple levels, and I am using the default options settings for the contrasts...
    Posted to Forum by Daniel J Celta on Mon, Feb 21 2011
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