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  • Spotfire Integration with R

    Hi, We are trying to connect Spotfire Professional client to R engine using Tibco spotfire statistics services Local Adapter(TSSLA). In TSSLA we have provided path to our R installation, set the port to 8080 and provided the link "http://servername:portname/SplusServer" in Administration Manager...
    Posted to Forum by Roshan on Fri, Dec 28 2012
  • Spotfire and R integration

    Hello, I am a newbie, so please forgive my ignorance. I want to integrate R with Spotfire, I want to get data from Spotfire, send data to R, alter the data on R and show the new data on Spotfire. Thing is , I want to do these on my PC, locally. Yesterday I installed Spotfire, TSSS, TSSSLA and R ofcourse...
    Posted to Forum by Anilo on Tue, Oct 9 2012
  • Tibco Spotfire Statistics Services Release Notes for 3.2 and 3.3

    Hello, I'm having troubles finding release notes for TSSS version 3.2 and 3.3, could anyone point me where I can find them? Of'couse I'm mostly intrested in online version as I would like to read what has been fixed/added/changed before I decide to migrate from TSSS 3.1. If there is none...
    Posted to Forum by Adam Marczak on Thu, Jul 28 2011
  • Re: TIBCO Statistics Services LDAP

    I notice a few things... 1. You need to modify the value of to reflect the actual hostname of the LDAP server. Note: For LDAP over SSL, keep the value as noserver and mimic the configuration example in my first post. 2. You may need to choose a different value for ldap.accountNameAttr. If you're...
    Posted to Forum by Bobby Smith on Tue, Jun 28 2011
  • Re: statistical server vs statistical server local adapter

    Hi SAI, The Local Adapter is for local (desktop) prototyping of S+/R Data Functions with Spotfire. The standard configuration is as follows: Install Statistics Services (TSSS) on a remote server. Its URL will be http://<servername>:8080/SplusServer There is no need to install the S+ engine on the...
    Posted to Forum by Dan White on Thu, Jun 9 2011
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