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  • Export data from Graphical table

    Can i export data in a graphical table? if so, how would i accomplish that?
    Posted to Forum by NewtoSpotfire on Thu, Jan 10 2013
  • Re: GoogleChart Radar plots in Spotfire Table

    Hello Kajal You might want to check the proxy configuration of the webplayer in the web.config file. That fixed our problem.Hope this helps! -Charuta
    Posted to Forum by charutak on Fri, Nov 30 2012
  • Export to Excel from Webplayer

    Hi All, Is there any option/feature we have from web player that will export table data to excel directly. We have "Export Table" option that exports to CSV but not in Excel format. If we open a .CSV file in excel, all the formatting are lost. (Ex: leading zeros) . Thanks in advance. Appreciated...
    Posted to Forum by mkonduru on Thu, Nov 22 2012
  • Bookmarks Lost in WebPlayer

    Hi all, We are currently experiencing an issue with Bookmarks when exporting analysis from Local file to the library and acessing with WebPlayer. Actually we created an analysis file with navigation guided using bookmarks (we set up action controls launching scripts that are applying different bookmarks...
    Posted to Forum by on Tue, Nov 20 2012
  • Saving DXP with IronPython script to Library

    Hello, I'm having trouble saving the Spotfire dxp to the library after I've incorporated IronPython script in a button to take a certain action upon a click. It gives me this error: LibraryException at Spotfire.Dxp.Framework: You do not have sufficient privileges for this action. (HRESULT: 80131500...
    Posted to Forum by tchen on Mon, Nov 5 2012
  • Re: Crashing when clicking on 1 tab

    Update - no one can access webplayer links for any of my published files.
    Posted to Forum by spotfire_mv on Wed, Oct 31 2012
  • Crashing when clicking on 1 tab

    My report is crashing when I click on one single tab within it. I've restarted, reloaded data sources, etc. All other tabs seem to be OK. Is it possible for one tab to become corrupt? If so, what's the course of action here - delete and recreate or is there another solution. Would love to not...
    Posted to Forum by spotfire_mv on Wed, Oct 31 2012
  • Problem with reading FilterSettings.values

    Hi Guys, I've been trying to build a HTML page using the Javascript API which would fetch filter values that have been checked (checkbox filter) I've written the following code inside function onOpenedCallback(analysisDocument) var analysisFiltering = analysisDocument.filtering; var filterSettingValue...
    Posted to Forum by Angad Sodhi on Thu, Sep 20 2012
  • Re: GoogleChart Radar plots in Spotfire Table

    Hello Christof We tried to use the Google-O-Meter Charts in spotfire table using the column data and image from URL functionality. The charts are getting rendered successfully on the spotfire client but once the analysis is published to the webplayer we are getting the following error: "The value...
    Posted to Forum by charutak on Thu, Aug 2 2012
  • Spotfire Web Player Date Issue

    Our company is running SF Web Player version 3.2.2. I created a presentation pulling data from our server using the info links and put the output on the web player. The data includes incidents within our company that occurred year-to-date. When I open the data in my web player the date format...
    Posted to Forum by mackeson71 on Tue, Jul 17 2012
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